At present Tooth Blackner Presents is the exclusive concert coordinator for MacEwan Hall (1800 capacity), MacEwan Ballroom (1000 capacity), Theatre Junction GRAND (400 capacity), and The Den (350 capacity). Each space has its own mandate, operating systems, and peculiarities that requires an adept approach to venue management.

MacEwan Hall, MacEwan Ballroom, and The Den are owned and operated by The University of Calgary Students’ Union. Theatre Junction GRAND is owned and operated by Theatre Junction Society.

With over 20 years of experience dealing with non-profit organizations, including sitting on boards with The Calgary Folk Festival, The Junos Calgary Executive Committee, Western Canadian Music Awards, Music Calgary, and many others, Tooth Blackner Presents has proven that the company understands the needs of non-profits and the delicate balancing act that occurs between the world of non-profits and the world of business. Ensuring that the goals and ideals of non-profit organizations are met, while simultaneously ensuring a steady stream of business from the concert industry has become Tooth Blackner Presents’ forte.

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